Rounds a number up to the nearest integer multiple of specified significance, with negative numbers rounding toward or away from 0 depending on the mode.

Sample Usage

CEILINGMATH(-5.25, 10, 1)


CEILINGMATH(number, [significance], [mode])

  • number - The number to be rounded.
  • significance - [OPTIONAL] The number to whose multiples the value will be rounded.
  • mode - [OPTIONAL] Specifies the rounding direction in case of negative numbers.
    •  If set to 0 or left blank, the number is rounded up towards zero. Otherwise, it's rounded down away from zero.


CEILINGMATH(-15.5100) rounds the number towards zero, and returns the number -10.
CEILINGMATH(-15.5102) rounds the number away from zero, and returns the number -20.


  • By default, significance is +1 for positive numbers and -1 for negative numbers. By specifying the significance and mode arguments, you can change the direction of the rounding.
  • By default, positive numbers with decimal places are rounded up to the nearest integer.
  • By default, negative numbers with decimal places are rounded up towards zero to the nearest integer. For example, -2.6 is rounded up to -2.