Calculates the internal rate of return for a list of payments that take place on irregularly spaced dates.

Sample Usage

XIRR(A3:A7, B3:B7)


XIRR(values, dates, [guess])

  • values - The series of payments entered as a cell reference.
  • dates - The date values associated with the series of payments.
  • guess - [OPTIONAL] Estimated internal rate of return value. The default is 10%.



XIRR(A3:A7, B3:B7) returns the internal rate of return for payments A3:A7 that take place on dates B3:B7. with an internal rate of return value of 10%.


  • If the days specified in dates are at a regular interval, use IRR instead.
  • Each cell in values should be positive if it represents income from the perspective of the owner of the investment or negative if it represents payments.
  • values must contain at least one negative and one positive cash flow to calculate rate of return.
  • XIRR is closely related to XNPV. The rate of return calculated by XIRR is the interest rate corresponding to XNPV = 0.