Removing Attachment Files

Once a file has been attached to a cell, you can remove it from the Attachments preview dialog

The Attachment data type is a unique feature to that lets you add files directly to cells in your worksheet. Like other data types, you can remove attached files from a cell or range of cells.

How to Remove an Attachment From a Cell

You can delete individual attachments from a cell via the Attachments preview dialog. Click the three-dot icon that appears when you hover over an attachment cell to open the Attachments preview dialog.


From here, click on the Delete icon to the right of the name of the attachment you want to delete from the cell. When an attachment is deleted, it is no longer visible in the worksheet and cannot be seen or downloaded by other users.


Want to remove all of a cell's attachments at once? Select the relevant cell and click the Delete key on your keyboard.

How to Undo

If you mistakenly deleted an attachment and have not refreshed or left the worksheet, you can recover the attachment with the undo feature. To undo a recent action, either use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z, select the Undo button mceclip5.png in the Toolbar, or choose the Undo option in the Edit menu.


For more information about working with attachments, read on through the rest of our series on Attachment Columns and Cells.