Renaming Attachment Files

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The Attachment data type is a unique feature to that lets you add files directly to cells in your worksheet. Attachments are great for sharing relevant files. For instance, candidate resumes on your Hiring worksheet, screenshots of errors in your new app's Bug Tracker, or draft creative in your marketing planning workbook. Once you have added an attachment, in addition to other changes, you can rename it.

How to rename an attachment file

To edit the file name of an attachment, first select the cell with the desired attachment in it, and then open the Attachment preview by clicking on the breadcrumb icon on the right of the cell.


Once in the attachment preview, hover over the attachment to be edited and click on the Edit file name button that appears on hover.


From here the file name becomes editable. Hitting enter will save the new name. Changing the file name should be reflected both in and when users download the file.


See our article on the Attachment data type for complete details on attachments, or see all our articles on Attachments Columns and Cells.