Formula Readjustment

Like with other spreadsheet software, formulas use cell references that can sometimes require readjustment.

Sometimes, for example, you create a formula referring to the value in cell A1, but that value moves to a new cell.

Situations that should not require formula readjustment

Most changes to your worksheet should not require a readjustment; will automatically adjust cell references in formulas for you. Specifically, you should not have to adjust your formulas when:

Situations that may require formula readjustment

  • If your formula uses absolute references that move or change.
  • Copying or cutting data from one place in a worksheet to another.
  • Manually deleting and typing data into a new location.

How to Readjust a Formula

Readjusting a formula is typically easiest via the formula bar, where you can see the entirety of long formulas at once.


When working with a formula that is replicated in multiple places, it is often easiest to readjust the formula in one location, then paste that readjusted formula in all other formula locations, or use autofill to drag the edited formula over the rest of your selection.

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