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The Text data type mceclip0.png is for adding a short amount of text and supports a maximum of 8096 characters. Text fields utilize alphanumeric characters and support @mentions, all of which can be made bold, underlined, larger in font size, etc. 


Text data types are great for strings large or small. For instance, if you are in charge of the studio for New Blend's latest Blender commercial, you might use Text data types to note down creative ideas, track tasks by name, or create a list of possible shooting locations. Longer text entries, like script ideas, may be best included as an Attachment data type. 


Text data types default to specific formatting, including bottom align, left align, and overflow text wrapping. You can adjust this formatting in the formatting toolbar, or create more space in your text cell by pressing Alt + Return.


Like other data types, Text data types can have Strict enabled. Selecting the Strict checkbox for Text cells will restrict users to input only alphanumeric characters. Also, columns that have Strict enabled cannot have cells of different data types.

Default Value

When assigning a cell or column as a Text data type, you can set a Default value to autofill all cells. For instance, you can put a placeholder in for a list of tasks to remind your team members to add their notes.


If you frequently type the same text entries, check out the select data type to help autofill frequent entries. Or check out our many custom data types for dates, users, URLs, and other data types.