Date & time

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The Date & time data type mceclip0.png is for inputting date and time values according to the formating that you set. Like the Date data type, the Data & time data type helps ensure that your users input times in a consistent format, which allows you to apply formulas like duration.


Use Date & time to record specific meeting times, note when in the day a task was completed, indicate due dates that include a particular time, and more.


The Date & time data type has particular formatting options that change depending on the location you set, as noted below.


Like other data types, the Date & time data type can have Strict enabled. Selecting the Strict checkbox for Date & time cells will restrict users to input only dates with times. Only setting the date will default the time to 12:00 AM. Also, columns that have Strict enabled cannot have cells of different data types.

Format & Locale (location)

The formatting options available to you are dependent on the locale you select. By default, each worksheet's location matches that of the creator, so the default locale suggested in the date picker will be the creator's locale. You can change this by selecting from one of our other 27 languages/locales. See the Date data type article for a chart of these language/locale options.

Each locale has its own format types to correspond to that country and language; the animation below shows how these options change as you switch locales in the Date & time dialog box and a user setting the date and time for a cell.


The Date Picker

After setting your column, cell, or range of cells to the Date & time data type, you will have the ability type in dates and times or select from the date picker. When you double-click on any Date & time type cell, you will see the below date picker (though without these included instructions).


If you are interested in including just the date in your data, check out our Date data type. Or, check out our Duration data type for calculating the number of days between dates.