The Rating data type is for assigning a ranking in a cell.

Rating data types offer you multiple styles (like stars, thumbs up, and hearts) and a max range between 1 and 10.

Use the Rating data type to grade candidates in your candidate tracking spreadsheet with stars mceclip3.png, to judge mockups of your app in development with thumbs ups mceclip4.png, or visually indicate how expensive products will be rated in your retail management spreadsheet with dollar signs mceclip5.png.

In some cases, the Icon set data type may be a useful alternative to Ratings, with options for RYG colored balls, Harvey balls, slate arrows at different rotations, pain scale faces, and more.


Configuration Options


Like other data types, the Rating data type can have Strict enabled. Selecting the Strict checkbox for Rating cells will restrict users to input only ratings. Also, columns that have Strict enabled cannot have cells of different data types.

With Strict enabled, your inputs will be limited to numerical values between 0 and your Max value and will be displayed with the specified Style.


Currently, Spreadsheet.com has five rating styles: StarsHeartsUS Dollar SignsPeople, and Thumbs Ups.


When you select one of these styles, you will be able to fill the row with the desired number of symbols of that style.


From the Max dropdown, you can customize ratings to show between 1 and 10 symbols. Empty cells or those with a 0 value display no symbols.

If you have a large max and have trouble telling which number you're on, click on the cell and the numerical value will be displayed in the formula bar.

Ratings retain their number even if you change the Max value. So, for instance, if you decrease the Max from 5 to 3, then all cells with 3, 4, or 5 will convert to 3. But increasing the Max back to 5 will cause them to resume their previous rating. Likewise, increasing the Max beyond 5 will not cause a lower rating to change.

Conversion Behavior

If you have numbers in existing cells, Spreadsheet.com will convert the data in these cells to ratings for you. Simply change the data type of the cell, column, or range of cells to the Rating data type and the cells will convert to the equivalent number of icons.

The Icon set data type is similar to the Rating data type, in that it's a way to visualize data in cells. Read on to learn more about the rest of Spreadsheet.com's Data Types.