The Automatic data type converts data entered in a cell to the most appropriate data type.

Similar to the default behavior of traditional spreadsheets, Automatic is the default data type for cells in Automatic maps data to its corresponding data type. For example, an Automatic column will recognize the input "8/1/2022" as a Date, or the input "" as an Email. Automatic can also map to Number, Currency, and URL.

Automatic is useful if you have a column with different types of data in it. As Automatic is more than just a catch-all data type, it recognizes your data and attempts to map it to the best data type for you. If you'd prefer, you can also set or change the data type of any cell, column, or range of cells to something other than Automatic.

New cells and columns default to the Automatic data type, unless the Automatic data type has detected and mapped a different data type for that cell. When Automatic maps cells to new data types, does not change the data type of other cells in that row and column.

Similarly, if you copy a range of data into, Automatic may recognize the data in each cell and map to each cell's corresponding data type.

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