The URL data type is for links to web addresses.

In Spreadsheet.com, URLs open in a separate browser tab when clicked. 

The URL data type helps connect users to data outside of Spreadsheet.com. For instance, you can use URLs in your bug tracker to link to the web addresses where the bug occurs, or link to mockups in the sheet you are using to track the design of a new commercial. 

Spreadsheet.com does not check your URL and formats any text entered as a URL, including text that does not link to a real URL. You may want to check all URLs in your workbook to ensure they open to the intended location.



Like other data types, URL data types can have Strict enabled. Selecting the Strict checkbox for URL cells will restrict users to input only alphanumeric characters, and will turn all text entered into URLs. Also, columns that have Strict enabled cannot have cells of different data types.

How to Use the URL Data Type

Once you have set a column, cell, or range of cells to a URL data type, simply click into the cell and type or paste in the desired URL. You can type in IP addresses or domain names. Clicking on the URL will open it in a new tab in your browser.

Spreadsheet.com, like other sites, defaults the color of links to blue. You can change this and other settings in the formatting toolbar at the top of your worksheet.

Spreadsheet.com also has an Email data type that will automatically link out to your email client and begin composing a new message. Read on to learn more about the rest of Spreadsheet.com's Data Types.