The Phone data type is for phone numbers.

You can format phone numbers as links that open your default voice calling application and can adjust for different country phone number formatting. Phone data types are particularly useful when viewing your spreadsheets on a mobile device, as you can call directly from the worksheet.

The Phone data type can facilitate calling from Or use the Phone data type to store contact information of job candidates, sales leads, or registrants for that product keynote you have coming up. does not check the veracity of entered phone numbers. You may want to check all phone numbers to ensure they are correct.


Configuration Options


Like other data types, Phone data types can have Strict enabled. Selecting the Strict checkbox for Phone cells will restrict users to input only numeric characters, and will either empty cells that are not phone numbers or turn all text entered into a phone number. Also, columns that have Strict enabled cannot have cells of different data types.

Display phone numbers as links

Choose to display phone numbers as clickable links that will open your default voice calling application when clicked, or as plain text.


The Format dropdown allows you to see how entered phone numbers will look. If your selected country has multiple possible formatting options, you can choose from them here.


By default, sets the phone country to match the country of the worksheet's creator. You can change this for a column, cell, or range of cells, so that you can format phone numbers for other countries differently. To change, select from one of 25 country options in the Country dropdown.

How to Use the Phone Data Type

Once you have set a column, cell, or range of cells to the Date data type, simply click into the cell and type or paste in the desired phone number without any dashes or parentheses. If you've enabled Display phone numbers as links, clicking on this phone number will begin a new call from your default voice calling application., like other sites, defaults linked phone numbers to a blue color. You can change this and other settings in the formatting toolbar at the top of your worksheet.

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