Locking Views

By locking a view, you can make it so that other users cannot change the filters, sorts, hidden columns, and other aspects of the view configuration.

When a view is locked, other users who are not Owners of the workbook still can open the filters, sorts, hide columns, and other view configuration dialogs, but they cannot make changes.

How to Lock a View

You can lock a view by clicking the Additional Options button in the view toolbar and selecting Lock view from the dropdown.


Or, you lock a view by clicking on the three-dot icon to the right of the view name in the Views sidebar.


Either option will open a popup asking you to confirm your decision and reminding you that by locking a view, only you and Owners of the workbook will be able to change the filters, sorting, column visibility, and other view settings while the view is locked.

Click the blue Lock view button in the bottom right corner of the popup to confirm your decision.

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