Introduction to Gantt Views and Project Management (5 min.)

With, you can quickly create interactive Gantt charts side-by-side with your spreadsheet data to visualize work schedules and relationships between tasks.

Gantt Views are a premium feature available on Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans. To learn more about's paid plans, see our suite of articles on Billing, Payment, and Credit.

Gantt views add an interactive Gantt chart timeline to the right of your worksheet showing taskbars corresponding to each row in the table region. Gantt views are great for project management as they let you visualize dependent tasks, parent and child relationships, your project's critical path, and more.

For a more detailed introduction to Gantt views, check our our Quick Start Guide article on Gantt views and project management. Dive into our full suite of Views and View Types articles for more on creating, managing, and working with all of's different View types, including Gantt views. Or learn more about project management features in our full suite of articles on Project Management.