Integrations and Automations

Automations let you quickly and easily automate repetitive work, and connect your workbooks with third-party work tools like Slack and Gmail.

With’s native automations, you can automate repetitive tasks in your workbooks with just a few clicks. When you combine them with integrations and connect your workbooks to third-party work tools, you can do things like…

  • Notify a Slack channel when a task’s due date is approaching
  • Email a sales representative when a lead submits an interest form
  • Move a row to a different worksheet when a help ticket is archived
  • Send a Microsoft Teams message when a new task is assigned

Automations don’t require any code or special syntax, and can be created in seconds.

How Automations Work

Automations require two items: a trigger, or the method in which an automation begins, and action, or the thing that happens when the automation is triggered. Triggers happen in your workbooks, and actions can happen in or in a different application.

Some commonly used triggers and actions are…



When a due date arrives…

…update a workbook row.

When a new Form response is submitted…

…add a new contact in Mailchimp.

Every day at 9 AM…

…send a message in Microsoft Teams.

How to Create a New Automation

  1. Click the Automations button in the Views toolbar to open the Automations dialog
  2. Select a pre-configured automation recipe or click + Create from scratch
  3. Configure your trigger and action
  4. Click Save


Click the gray circle between a trigger block and action block to introduce conditional logic into your automation.

Featured Integration: Zapier

Zapier is a third-party service that helps connect your account with over 5,000 popular third-party applications like Salesforce, Jira, and Quickbooks. Similar to automations, Zapier automations – known as Zaps – consist of triggers and actions.

Some popular Zaps are…



When a form is submitted…

…create a new Salesforce lead.

When a Google Calendar event is created…

…add a new row in

When a Zendesk ticket is created…

…update a row in

Learn more about connecting your account with Zapier and creating new Zaps.

Featured Integration: OpenAI

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory dedicated to AI technology. Most famously, OpenAI has developed the ChatGPT AI chatbot.

With’s native OpenAI integration, you can access the power of OpenAI’s models in your workbooks with the OPENAI_COMPLETE integration function. With OpenAI integration functions, you can do things like…

  • Generate social media posts from a list of keywords
  • Translate text into different languages
  • Create personalized customer emails
  • Clean and extract information from messy data

…and more. Take a look at our OpenAI Completions workbook to see OpenAI integration functions in action.

Learn More: Integrations and Automations

Mastering automations and integrations can help you take your workbooks to the next level and simplify your workflows. Learn more with these resources:

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