Standard action types

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In, Automations consist of two necessary parts (Triggers and Actions), and may also include Conditions. Triggers tell your automations when to be activated, while actions determine what does. can both take a standard action on an existing worksheet or an integration action with applications outside of

Standard action types are a great way to add or update data when other users make a change. For instance, create a row in a worksheet of your tasks when your project manager adds new tasks in the team's project plan that are assigned to you, or update rows in your team's customer service ticket tracker when customers submit new tickets.


Create row


When setting up the Create row action, first specify the desired worksheet. You can add new rows to the end of your triggering worksheet or another worksheet.


After selecting the desired worksheet, you can customize the row that will be created. You can fill in either fixed data or populate your row with data from the existing worksheet.


For instance, in the animation below, Harry is a CS rep who has a worksheet for tickets assigned to him, so he wants to automatically add new submitted tickets when new tickets are assigned to him. So he sets up a condition and create row action, then tests it with existing data.


Update row


The update row action type can only be applied to the worksheet that triggers it, and allows you to change the value of one column's entry in the row that triggered the action.

For instance, in the animation below, we automate assigning our Customer Service tickets, sending Technical issues to Harry and Billing issues to Lisa. We start with conditions already in place, then we update rows to assign new tickets to Harry or Lisa and set the ticket status as "Assigned".


Columns with the Date or Date & time data type support the Current Date or Current Date & Time token actions, respectively. The Current Date & Time token auto populates a designated cell with the date and time at which an automation was triggered.

Once you’ve selected Update row as your action, click Column and select a column with the Date or Date & time data type. Then, click Value, navigate to the plus icon Screen_Shot_2021-10-07_at_11.05.09_AM.png to the right of the text field, and select Current Date or Current Date & time.


Note that these tokens can only be assigned to columns which are using the Date or Date & time data types. If you have not assigned one of these data types to the column in which your automation is being applied, neither action will be available within the actions dialog. For more information about data types, check out our Introduction to Data Types guide.

Copy row


Similar to the Create row action type, the copy a row action type allows you to copy the triggering row to any worksheet.

Move row


Like the create and copy row actions, the move row action allows you to paste the details of one row to another row in any worksheet. However, the move row removes the row from its previous location.


For more action types, check out the automation integration action types, which allow you to send emails through, integrate with Gmail, Slack, and more.