Viewing Automation Run Logs

Track when automations ran, what actions they performed, if they were successful or not, and trace the exact triggers, conditions, and actions executed. stores a run log of every automation execution. After setting up your automations you may wish to check how they're running or trace a change made by an automation. Track when automations ran, what actions they performed, if they were successful or not, and trace the exact triggers, conditions, and actions executed.

To view a history of a workbook's Automation Activity, open the Automations dialog by clicking on the Automations button in the toolbar.


Automation Activity

With the Automations dialog, click on Automation Activity in the dialog's top menu bar to view a history of all of the workbook's automations.


From here, you can specify a specific period (1) when automations were run and view information related to your quota usage (2) or the run history (3) for specific automations. Let's take a closer look at each option.

1. Period

Use the dropdown to select a specific period for which to view automation details. When you select a period, the rest of the information in the dialog will adjust.

2. Workspace Automation Quota Usage

The quota usage table displays details about the number of automations run across your entire workspace as it relates to your allotted quota. In addition to displaying the number of automations already run, projects how many total automations will be run during the current period.

Your automation quota is determined by your plan. For each plan, the number of automations allowed per month is as follows:

Free Standard Premium Enterprise
200 10,000 100,000 Unlimited

Once you've reached your monthly quota, automations in all of your workspace's workbooks will remain inactive until the next period begins or you upgrade your plan.

You can also view a history of all automations in your workspace by checking the Workspace management dialog. Learn more about managing your workspaces in our Administration articles.

3. Automations Run History

The Automations Run History table shows a log of individual automations that have been run within your workbook or a specific worksheet selected with the Worksheet dropdown. The table displays the automation name, the date and time at which it was run, the worksheet where the automation is active, the number of actions performed, and the status of the automation. You can view the Run log of a specific automation action by clicking "View..." in the right-most column.


Automation run history is a premium feature available on StandardPremium, and Enterprise plans. To learn more about's paid plans, see our suite of articles on Billing, Payment, and Credit.

Test Run Logs

You can opt to manually test an automation at any time from the automation configuration dialog. Click the green Test run button in the upper right corner of the dialog to run a test of your automation.


When you test an automation, you can see the results of the test by opening the Test run log from the right hand side of the automations dialog.


For more information on automations, take a look at our Introduction to Automations or check out articles on creating automations with SlackGmailMicrosoft Teams, and more.