Viewing automation run logs

  • Updated stores a run log of every automation execution. After setting up your automations you may wish to check how they're running or trace a change made by an automation. Track when automations ran, what actions they performed, if they were successful or not, and trace the exact triggers, conditions, and actions executed.

For any of these tasks or more, you can use the Automation Activity menu (for all automations), Run an Automation History report (for each automation), or check the Automation's Run Log (for each run of the automation). All of which can be accessed by navigation to the automations menu.


Automation Activity

You can also see a full history of all automation activity at the workbook and individual worksheet level in the Automation Activity panel, which also shows workspace-level automation quota information.


You can also access all Automation activities for all workbooks in a workspace via the Workspace settings menu on the home page.


Run history

You can also access the run history and individual run logs for each automation from the Worksheet Automations panel.


Choosing to run history on any one automation will show you each run of that automation, the number of actions performed, the status, and link you to a run log with more detail on that automation's exact run.


Automation Run logs

From the Run history and Automation Activity menus, you can view the run log for each automation:


The run log lets you dig into what triggered, what conditions were met, which actions ran, and what the action looked like.