Enabling and disabling automations

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With Spreadsheet.com Automations, you can quickly and easily automate repetitive work and integrate with other popular work tools. But sometimes you may wish to turn off or turn back on your automations so that they don't run even when trigger conditions are met.

Enabling and disabling automations

Once you have set up your desired automations, you can easily disable or enable them from the Worksheet Automations section of the Automations Menu.


To enable or disable an automation, simply check or uncheck the On checkbox next to your automation. For instance, in the above, all our automations are enabled. But unchecking the top automation will leave it disabled and prevent it from running even when a new row is created.


For more on automations, see our Introduction to Automations article or check out articles on creating automations with Slack, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, and more.