Adding a Mailchimp Contact

Connect your and Mailchimp accounts to automatically add new contacts to your mailing lists when automations are triggered in your worksheets. automations allow you to connect with Mailchimp. Use automations to add new contacts to Mailchimp when your customers sign-up with a Form view or add users to a Mailchimp audience for your team when they're assigned tasks on the team's project plan.

Setting Up a Mailchimp Automation

Mailchimp automations work with a variety of automation trigger types. Begin with a pre-configured automation recipe from the Automation Recipes dialog, or create a new automation from scratch. In the example below, we'll create an automation that will add an email address to a Mailchimp mailing list when a new Form response is submitted in our Product Launch Plan workbook.

Looking for a refresher in creating new automations? Take a look back at our article on Creating an Automation, or read more about automation trigger types in our series of articles on Automations.

Begin by selecting "Add contact to Mailchimp" in the Action block. If you haven't yet connected your account with your Mailchimp account, you'll be prompted to do so.


This will place a new action within the Action block with two customizable fields: Email and List.


Click on Email to select the Email column from which the new contact will be added, and click List to select the Mailchimp mailing list where the new contact will be added.

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