Adding a Mailchimp contact

  • Updated automations allow you to connect with Mailchimp. Use automations to add new contacts to Mailchimp when your customers sign-up with a form or add users to a Mailchimp audience for your team when they're assigned tasks on the team's project plan.

Setting up a Mailchimp Automation

A variety of automation activities can trigger Mailchimp actions. Some automations are noted in the automation recipes section of the automations menu. But adding a contact to Mailchimp is an option when creating any trigger.


To create a new automation that adds a contact to Mailchimp, first select an automation recipe or start from scratch. In the automation configuration menu, customize your trigger, add conditions as needed, and connect your Mailchimp account as needed.


Once connected, specify the email column to pull a contact's information from and the Mailchimp list to add the email to.


For instance, in the animation below, we create a new automation to add email addresses to our Mailchimp list when our Event form is filled out. We even test the automation, adding an existing row to our Mailchimp account.


Navigating to our Mailchimp account, we can see the test run loaded the new "" contact to our list:


For other automation types, check out our articles on triggering a notification, email, Slack message, or more.