Sharing Workbooks by Link

Sharing workbooks by link allows you to share them with a wide array of users at once, whether its your company or the general public. makes it easy to share workbooks with other workbook collaborators. Use's built-in sharing feature, or simply send the workbook's URL to a permissioned user.

If you invite someone to a workbook or folder as a licensed user and they are not already a licensed user in your workspace, your workspace will be charged a prorated fee for new licenses.

Your Workbook's URL

Each workbook's sharable link is the URL you see in your browser when you view that workbook. To share this workbook via link, simply copy the link from the URL bar and share that with a permissioned user. A permissioned user is a user who you have already given workbook or folder permissions to.

See our article on adding workbook users for more insight on how to add users. Users without permission to access your workbook will see an error when following your workbook's URL.

Linking to Particular Views or Worksheets

Navigating to a worksheet or view other than your primary worksheet's primary view will add an additional string to your URL. Sharing this longer string will link directly to the view or worksheet you are in.

Sharing Workbooks via "Get link"

To share a workbook or manage users, click the Share button in the workbook header or open the File menu and select "Share..." from the top of the dropdown. If other users are currently in your workbook, their profile pictures will appear to the left of the Automations icon.


Or, navigate to the workbook location on your homepage and right click the workbook name or click the downward arrow to the right of the name and select "Share..." from the dropdown.


Either option will open the Share workbook dialog, from where you can share your workbook via "Get link".


Sharing your workbook with a link allows you to give additional users access to your workbook without having to add them individually via email. Similar to inviting by email, link sharing lets you control the permission level of those who use the link to your workbook. Using the dropdown, you can specify the audience for your link.


Configuring a Restricted by user link will create a link that's only accessible to users who have already been invited to the workbook individually, as described above. Configuring a Restricted by domain link will create a link that's only accessible to users with emails belonging to a certain domain, specified in the field below the dropdown. You can also specify the permission levels of new users who open the workbook via your link.


You can also opt to create a public link with the Anyone with link option. This link will be accessible to anyone who has it regardless of their domain or status as an invited user, so be careful before using this option in a workbook with sensitive or confidential data. Like the domain link, you can specify the permission levels of new users who open the workbook via your public link.

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