Embedding Form views

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Spreadsheet.com makes it easy to share workbooks with other workbook collaborators. Form views, in particular, are great ways to gather data from users, customers, audience members, and more.

While form views allow for the typical embedding workbook features (so that other users can see the form view or results from others filling out the form) this is different from sharing the form for a user to fill out.

How to share or embed a form

After configuring the form for public use, you can share or embed the form with the Share form button in the toolbar.


Clicking this button opens the form sharing options, allowing you to enable form sharing, copy the link to the form, or embed the form in a website.


For instance, here is a link to an Event Feedback form from the Event Feedback template. Or, below is the form embedded into this article:

See also our article on embedding workbooks for more details about embedding generally, or for insight on how to embed the worksheet containing your form's results.