Exporting Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet.com lets you export your spreadsheets as PDFs or .XLSX files for use in Excel.

Spreadsheet.com works with other spreadsheet software. Not only can you import existing spreadsheets into Spreadsheet.com, but you can export out of Spreadsheet.com as well. Spreadsheet.com supports exporting to two file types: PDF documents and .XLSX files compatible with Excel and some other spreadsheet softwares.

Export a Workbook as a .XLSX File

Once inside your workbook, open the workbook menu and navigate to File > Download > Microsoft Excel (.xslx).


Your workbook will be downloaded to your computer as an .XLSX file. Cells with data types that have no equivalent in Excel (e.g., Attachments, Related rows, Collaborators, etc.) will be converted to the closest human-readable text equivalent value.

Export a Sheet View as a PDF Document

Once inside a Sheet view, open the workbook menu and navigate to File > Download > PDF (.pdf).


As you change the options in the panel on the right side of the window, the sheet preview at left will dynamically update. Let’s take a closer look at each option.


1. Export

Under the Export header, you can select which part of your spreadsheet will be exported. Click on the “View” dropdown to specify whether a “Selected Range” or an entire “View” will be exported. If you select “View”, you can specify which view from the second dropdown.

Currently, only Sheet Views can be exported as a PDF via the Print settings window.

2. Page Setup Options

Use the dropdowns to specify the Paper size, Page orientation, Scale (either “Normal” or “Fit to width”), and page Margins.

3. Sheet Setup Options

Toggle the checkboxes to opt to export the Table region only, excluding the table header region, or to export both the table and table header regions, as well as specify whether or not the sheet’s Grid lines should appear on the PDF.

4. Page Order

Specify the way in which your spreadsheet will be broken up across pages – either over and then down, or down and then over.

5. Alignment

Specify whether your spreadsheet will be center, right, or left aligned on the PDF.

6. Headers and Footers

Toggle the checkboxes to specify what information will be included in – or excluded from – the printed sheet’s headers and footers, including the Date, Workbook title, View name, Page number, Total pages, and Spreadsheet.com branding.

Removing Spreadsheet.com branding from printed spreadsheets is a premium feature available on Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans. To learn more about Spreadsheet.com's paid plans, see our suite of articles on Billing, Payment, and Credit.

Once you’ve configured your export settings, click the blue Export button in the top right corner of the Print settings window and the PDF file will download to your computer.

Want to import an Excel file into Spreadsheet.com instead? Take a look at our article on importing spreadsheets, or start by creating a blank workbook from scratch.