Project Management Settings

Project Management settings determine how your Sheet view data translates to your Gantt view.

With Gantt views, you can track tasks, due dates, dependencies, and more. Within Gantt views, you have the ability to adjust Project Management settings like specifying which column to use as the status column or adjusting which days of the week the team will work on a project.

Enabling Project Management

Working with a Gantt view requires you to have Project Management enabled. When you create a new Gantt view, will automatically prompt you to enable Project Management. To access these settings at any time, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your workbook to open the Project Management dialog.



Let's take a closer look at each section of the dialog.

Project Management Columns

Under the "Enable project management" header at top, you can specify which worksheet column corresponds to which Gantt view feature, like start and end dates, durations, assigned users, and task status.

Each of these columns must match a particular data type:

Project Management column Data Type
Start date column Date
End date column Date
Assigned user column User
Duration column Duration
% Complete column Percent
Status column Select

The "Task" column – not shown in the Project Management dialog – defaults to the worksheet's Primary Column. You don't need to have all of these columns defined before enabling Project Management or creating a Gantt view, as will create any missing columns for you.

Columns selected for Project Management must remain as the data type required for project management features. For instance, you cannot change an end date column to the text data type. You can still adjust some settings for these columns via the Update column dialog, but these columns' data type and hierarchy rollup settings cannot be changed.

Columns selected for Project Management cannot be deleted, but can be hidden.

Working Days

Below, under the "Working days" header, you can specify which days of the week are designated as "working days" to accurately track task durations, as well as specify the start time and length of a working day.


At bottom, under the "Enable dependencies" header, you can toggle dependencies on and off and designate a column where predecessor tasks will be listed. For more information about creating and working with dependencies, see our article on Managing task dependencies later in this section.

Once you've finished adjusting your Project Management settings, click the blue Save button in the bottom right corner of the dialog and your spreadsheet will automatically update.

Read on to learn more about working with Gantt views and Project Management settings, including managing task dependenciesestablishing task hierarchies, and identifying the critical path.