Project Management Settings

Project Management settings determine how the data from Sheet Views translates to Gantt Views.

Adding a Gantt View to your worksheet helps you track tasks, due dates, dependencies, and more. Project Management settings let you specify which Sheet View columns are mapped to key Gantt View information and fine-tune your Gantt View by adjusting working days and more.

Enabling Project Management

When you create a new Gantt View, you will automatically be prompted to enable Project Management in your worksheet. You can access Project Management settings at any time by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of your workbook.


Managing Project Management Settings

The Project Management settings are organized into three panels: General, Work time, and Dependencies.



From the General panel, you can enable and disable Project Management for your worksheet, as well as adjust the six columns that are automatically included in your worksheet when Project Management is enabled.

Project Management cannot be disabled for worksheets that include a Gantt View. To disable Project Management for a worksheet, all Gantt Views must first be deleted.

Each of the six Project Management columns must match a particular data type:

Column Data Type

Start date


End date


Assigned user




% Complete




The Task column – not shown in the Project Management dialog – defaults to the worksheet’s Primary Column.

Columns selected for Project Management must remain as the data type specified above. They cannot be deleted while Project Management is enabled, but they can be hidden.

Work time

From the Work time panel, you can specify which days of the week are considered “working days” and change the day that signifies the start of the week. Tasks cannot begin or end on non-working days, and non-working days will not be considered when calculating task duration.

Use Gantt appearance settings to show or hide non-working days from your Gantt chart.


From the Dependencies panel, you can enable or disable dependencies for your Gantt View, as well as enable task constraints. The Predecessor column must take the Related Row data type.

If you have not yet added Constraint type or Constraint date columns to your worksheet, you can add them here by clicking the + Add to worksheet buttons.

Learn more about Creating and Managing Dependencies and Creating and Managing Constraints.