Gantt View Settings & Appearance

With, you can quickly create interactive Gantt charts side-by-side with your spreadsheet data to visualize work schedules and relationships between tasks.

Gantt Views are a premium feature available on Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans. To learn more about's paid plans, see our suite of articles on Billing, Payment, and Credit.

Once you've created a Gantt view, you can edit its appearance and control exactly what your collaborators see.

Configuring the Gantt Chart

You can configure the Gantt chart component of your Gantt view from the toolbar in the upper right corner of your workbook.


  1. Zoom level: The zoom level dropdown allows you to control the granularity of time displayed on your Gantt chart, ranging from hours to years.
  2. Zoom Out/Zoom In: Use the zoom buttons to make more incremental adjustments to the granularity of time displayed on your Gantt chart.
  3. Today: Click "Today" to automatically center your Gantt chart on today's date.
  4. Critical path: Toggle the critical path button to highlight or not display the critical path on your Gantt chart.
  5. Gantt appearance: The Gantt appearance dropdown enables you to control the visual presentation of your Gantt chart, including specifying the taskbar labels and colors and showing or hiding non-working days and hours, the today line, and dependency lines.
  6. Project Management: Open the Project Management settings dialog to configure and manage the information in your Gantt view.

Changing your Gantt Chart's Appearance

The Gantt chart appearance dropdown, accessible by clicking on the paintbrush icon (5) in the Gantt view toolbar, allows you to fine-tune your Gantt chart's appearance.


Here, you can specify the columns used for the taskbar labels and colors, as well as toggle non-working days and hours, the today line, and dependency lines on and off. includes the task owner's avatar in the task label by default. To remove the owner's picture from the Gantt chart's taskbars, create a new user column and change the owner column in the project management settings. Keeping this new column blank will ensure doesn't include users in the taskbar label.

You can also use the drag handle on the left side of your Gantt chart to make the Gantt chart wider or more narrow.


Learn more about editing your Gantt view in our article on Project Management Settings. Or, read on to learn about managing task dependencies, working with task hierarchies, and the critical path.