Critical path

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In, Project Management allows you to trace a task or series of dependent tasks that most affect the overall project's duration, identifying important tasks to meet deadlines. We call this series of relevant tasks a Critical path, the longest sequence of tasks from the beginning to the end of a project. I.e. the critical path traces the shortest amount of time a project could take. To condense a project down, these tasks have to be accomplished faster or must not be dependent on each other.

In the Gantt view below, this critical path is traced in red and follows from a task at the beginning of the project all the way to the launch at the end.


How to showing critical paths

To show critical paths, you must first be showing dependency lines. You can enable "Show dependency lines" in the Gantt appearance settings menu.


With dependency lines enabled, you can show a project's Critical path by selecting the Critical path button in the Gantt view toolbar.


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