Managing task dependencies

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Tasks in your project plan may be dependent on other tasks. That is, task two may not be able to begin until task one is done. For instance, an engineering team may not be able to build a robot until critical parts have been ordered and arrived. These dependencies can be built into and visualized in your project management.

Enabling dependencies

To enable dependencies, navigate to the Project Management settings menu by clicking the Project Management button.


Once in project management, check the Enable dependencies checkbox. By default, will create a predecessor related row column to link tasks to their predecessors.


Creating task dependencies makes it easy to create dependencies from the Gantt chart by dragging and dropping dependency lines. To create a dependency, drag either the predecessor or the descendent dependency line from the desired task to the task it depends on or feeds into.

In the animation below, we link one task to its descendent and another to its predecessor. Also, we adjust the timing of these tasks, noticing that moving our predecessor back automatically pushing back any dependent tasks. We even break a dependency by trying to move a task ahead of its predecessor and then undo our mistake.


Note: By default, enabling dependencies will turn on dependency lines. But if they're not on, you can turn them on from the Gantt appearance menu.


See also task hierarchies for tasks that roll up to parent tasks, check out critical paths to trace dependencies, or milestones in our Introduction to Gantt views article.