Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets

Spreadsheet.com allows you to hide individual worksheets within a workbook instead of deleting them.

When hiding a worksheet, all of the data within it will be retained, and references to the hidden sheet from elsewhere in the workbook will remain functional. Worksheets can be hidden by users with Owner or Manager access.

To hide a worksheet, right click on the worksheet name or click the downward arrow to the right of the worksheet name in the sheet navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and select "Hide Sheet" from the menu.


Once the sheet is hidden, it will no longer appear in the sheet navigation bar.

To unhide a sheet and make it visible again, open the All Sheets menu from the bottom left corner of the screen, mouse over the name of the hidden sheet, and select "Unhide." Hidden sheets are marked with a crossed-out eye icon to the left of the sheet name.


Or, open the document menu and navigate to View > Hidden Sheets, mouse over the hidden sheet you would like to unhide, and click the Unhide button.

How to Access the Document Menu

To access the document menu,

  1. Open the document dropdown by clicking the arrow to the right of the document name
  2. Select "Menu..." from the dropdown

Either option will unhide the selected sheet and make it visible in the bottom sheet navigation bar once again.

For more information about navigating workbooks and worksheets, check out our Introduction to Workbooks and Worksheets.