Managing Subscriptions and Payments

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Managing Your Subscription and Payment Method

You can make changes to your subscription from the “Billing Plan” section of the Workspace Settings dialog.


The uppermost section of the panel outlines your current Subscription details (1). Here, you can see the current subscription applied to your workspace, the number of licensed users that belong to your workspace, and the date and cost details of your next renewal.

You can make changes to the subscription for your selected workspace by clicking the “Manage Subscription” button. Note that if your workspace is currently on a Free plan or paid trial, the button will read “Purchase Subscription.”

Clicking on the Manage Subscription button will open a popup window where you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription and see what your new monthly subscription cost will be.

Below your subscription details, the Workspace Credit section shows details of the selected workspace’s credit balance, your personal credit balance, a link to transfer your personal credit to the workspace, and your referral link.

To edit your Payment Methods (2), click the “Edit” button to the right of your credit card details. Note that you must have a credit card on file at all times if you are enrolled in a paid plan.

The bottom of the Billing Plan section details All Plans (3) that offers. You can quickly reference the different features offered in each of our four plans. For a more detailed breakdown of the differences between plans, visit our Pricing page.

Applying Personal Credit

You can apply the personal credit that you’ve earned to a workspace from within the Personal Settings dialog, or from the Workspace Settings dialog.

How to Apply Personal Credit to a Workspace

  1. Open the Personal Settings dialog by clicking on your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen and selecting “Personal Settings” from the dropdown
  2. Select “Invite & Referral Credit” from the menu bar at the top of the dialog
  3. From the “Personal Credit” section, select “Transfer personal credit”
  4. Use the popup menu to specify the amount of personal credit to be transferred and the workspace where the personal credit should be applied to
  5. Click “Transfer”


You can only transfer personal credit to a workspace in which you are a licensed user.

When you transfer personal credit to a workspace, you will receive an email confirmation from You can also view your history of earning and transferring credit from the Credit History section of the Invite & referral credit dialog.

Downgrading to a Free Plan

You can downgrade a paid workspace to a Free plan at any time. When you downgrade to a Free plan, all workbooks within the workspace will lose access to premium features like conditional formatting, version history, and higher row limits.

Note that if you have configured conditional formatting rules or added rows over the Free plan’s limitations, you will still be able to edit these but cannot add new rules or rows beyond 2,000.

For more information about billing, paid plans, credit, and account management, check out our suite of articles on Billing and Paid Plans. If you still have questions, reach out to our Support team at