Introduction to Zapier

Connecting to Zapier allows you to connect your workbooks to over 4,000 third-party applications like Salesforce and Jira.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a third-party service that helps connect your account to other popular services like Salesforce, Quickbooks, Jira, Google Sheets, and more. By connecting your account to other services via Zapier, things you do on other services can be reflected in your workbooks, and vice versa.

Actions done via Zapier are known as Zaps. Zaps consist of one or multiple triggers and actions. These work similarly to’s native automations: when one thing occurs (the trigger), it prompts an action in response. can be the source of the trigger or the destination of the action.

For example, you can connect with Salesforce so that every time you update a record in Salesforce, a Zap updates the corresponding row in a workbook. Or you can connect with Google Calendar so that when you add a new row to a workbook, a Zap automatically creates a new event on your calendar and invites the relevant people.

Zapier can help connect with over 4,000 different apps, so the possibilities for what you can do with Zaps are endless.

Zapier Support Information

If you run into issues with setting up or running your Zaps, visit Zapier’s Help Center or, if necessary, contact their support team.

Zapier Integrations vs. Native Automations

While you can create native automations directly in your workbook, Zapier integrations must be created via Zapier integrations also provide more flexibility by allowing third-party applications to trigger actions in your workbook.’s native automations work instantly, running as soon as a change is detected. Depending on your Zapier plan tier, you may see a delay between a trigger occurring and an action happening in response.

Read on to learn more about Connecting to Zapier, and check out some Featured Zapier Integrations to start building your own Zaps.