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What is Personal Credit?

Personal credit is a form of payment credit that can be applied to any workspace of which you are a licensed user. When you open your Spreadsheet.com account, you automatically receive $10 in personal credit. From there, you can earn additional personal credit by inviting or referring users to Spreadsheet.com.

When personal credit is applied to one of your workspaces, it is used to offset the cost of a paid plan. Note that even if you have enough personal credit to cover the entire cost of your paid plan, you still must have a credit card on file associated with your account.

For your personal credit to be applied to a paid plan, you must transfer it to a workspace. Maintaining a personal credit balance alone will not cause it to act as a form of payment.

Earning Personal Credit

Spreadsheet.com offers multiple ways to earn personal credit that can be applied to the cost of a paid plan. You can earn personal credit by:

  • Inviting a new user to a folder: If a new Spreadsheet.com user creates an account by following the link in your folder invitation email
  • Inviting a new user to a workbook: If a new Spreadsheet.com user creates an account by following the link in your workbook invitation email
  • Using your referral link: If a new Spreadsheet.com user creates an account by using your personal referral link

For each new user that creates an account through one of the methods above, you will receive $10 in personal credit and an email confirmation from Spreadsheet.com confirming that the credit has been added to your balance. You can view your current Personal Credit balance and Credit History from the Personal Settings dialog.

Applying Personal Credit to a Workspace

You can apply the personal credit that you’ve earned to a workspace from within the Personal Settings dialog.

How to Apply Personal Credit to a Workspace

  • Open the Personal Settings dialog by clicking on your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen and selecting “Personal Settings” from the dropdown
  • Select “Invite & Referral Credit” from the menu bar at the top of the dialog
  • From the “Personal Credit” section, select “Transfer personal credit”
  • Use the popup menu to specify the amount of personal credit to be transferred and the workspace where the personal credit should be applied to
  • Click “Transfer”



When you transfer personal credit to a workspace, you will receive an email confirmation from Spreadsheet.com. You can also view your history of earning and transferring credit from the Credit History section of the Invite & referral credit dialog.

You can only transfer personal credit to workspaces in which you are a licensed user.

Workspace Credit

You can view a workspace’s credit balance from the Workspace Settings dialog.

How to View Your Workspace's Credit Balance

  • From your Spreadsheet.com home screen, open the Workspace Settings dialog by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the workspace name
  • Select the relevant workspace from the list of workspaces on the left-hand side of the dialog
  • View the amount of credit currently applied to the workspace from the “Workspace Credit” section. You can also transfer your personal credit to the selected workspace from this section


In some instances (like removing a licensed user mid-billing cycle), Spreadsheet.com may apply a Workspace Credit directly to an affected workplace. Unlike personal credit, workspace credit does not need to be transferred. It will automatically be applied to that workspace’s next billing cycle.

For more information about billing, paid plans, credit, and account management, check out our suite of articles on Billing and Paid Plans. If you still have questions, reach out to our Support team at support@spreadsheet.com.