About Spreadsheet.com Plans

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Spreadsheet.com offers four different workspace plans – one free and three paid – to meet the needs of every type of user and organization. Features that require paid plans are marked with a crown icon Crown_Icon.png.

Plans are applied to workspaces and not user accounts. If you have multiple workspaces, you may opt to keep some on paid plans, and others on free plans.

When you create a new Spreadsheet.com account, your workspace will automatically be enrolled in a free 30-day trial of the Premium plan. If you do not purchase a subscription during the trial period, your workspace will automatically be downgraded to the Free plan. If you choose to upgrade your plan, you will only be charged for users who can create spreadsheets. To learn more about how users in your organization are counted, check out our guide on Managing Your Workspaces.

If you are an existing user looking to change your subscription plan, you can do so by visiting your Workspace Settings and selecting a Free, Standard, or Premium plan. If you are configuring a large organization on Spreadsheet.com and require additional administrative settings and support, please contact support@spreadsheet.com to enroll in an Enterprise plan.

Plan Comparison

  Free Standard Premium Enterprise
Unlimited free Editors, Commenters, & Viewers
Workbooks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Rows per workbook 2,000 10,000 100,000 200,000+
Attachment storage space per workbook 3 GB 6 GB 30 GB Unlimited
Over 25 rich column, range, and cell-level data types such as attachments, dropdown, & more
Over 400 formula functions with Excel syntax
Cell-level styling, formatting, merge cells, cross-sheet formulas, and import from Excel
Realtime collaboration, updates, & messaging
Conditional formatting  
Version history   1 year 2 years Unlimited

For a full comparison of features available by plan, check out our Pricing page. For information about discount pricing for nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and students, please visit our article About Discount Pricing.

For more information about billing, paid plans, credit, and account management, check out our suite of articles on Billing and Paid Plans. If you still have questions, reach out to our Support team at support@spreadsheet.com.