Introduction to Engineering Functions

Engineering functions are those that perform calculations commonly used in engineering applications.

Engineering functions are those that perform calculations commonly used in engineering applications. Engineering functions are often used in conjunction with math functions and statistical functions.

How to Use Engineering Functions

In the examples below, we’ll take a look at some commonly used engineering functions. For documentation on every math function supported by, reference our section on Engineering functions.

When using functions in your workbook, you can input and edit formulas either directly in the cell, or from the formula bar between the worksheet toolbar and the spreadsheet grid. Learn more in our article on Creating and Editing Formulas.

How to Convert Values Between Two Units of Measurement (CONVERT)

The CONVERT function is used to convert a number from one unit of measurement to another and supports units of weight, distance, time, energy, and more. You can find a full list of all supported units in the function documentation.


In the example above, we’ve used the CONVERT function in Cell B2 to convert between two distance units, and another CONVERT function in Cell B5 to convert between two time units. In both formulas, we’ve defined the unit arguments explicitly, but the CONVERT function can also take cell references as the unit arguments.

How to Compare Two Numbers (DELTA)

The DELTA function looks at two numeric values and determines whether or not they are equal. The function returns 1 if the arguments are equal, and 0 if they are not.


In the example above, we’ve used the DELTA function in Column C to compare the values in Columns A and B. In Cell C2, DELTA returns 0 because the values are not equal and in Cell C3, DELTA returns 1 because the values are equal. The DELTA function in Cell C4 returns an error because the two values being passed as arguments are non-numeric.

More Engineering Functions

CONVERT and DELTA are just two of the many engineering functions supported by Take a look at our full suite of articles on engineering functions to learn more.

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