Spreadsheet.com API Overview

The Spreadsheet.com API is a RESTful API that lets you programmatically interact with Spreadsheet.com data.

The API allows you to do the following:

  • Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete rows (CRUD)
  • Create new worksheets and update existing worksheets
  • Upload and attach files into Attachment cells
  • List workspaces, folders, workbooks, worksheets, views, forms, and columns
  • Export workbooks to Excel

Spreadsheet.com's REST API is designed to be straightforward to use. You can use the language and platform of your choice to make requests.

Using the Spreadsheet.com API

For technical documentation and more information about using the Spreadsheet.com API, visit developer.spreadsheet.com

If you need additional assistance, please contact us anytime at integrations@spreadsheet.com.

As the API expands and changes, updates will be posted to the What’s New section of the Spreadsheet.com Community, as well as to the API documentation. Spreadsheet.com reserves the right to remove older APIs and functionality with a 3-month deprecation notice.

Connecting Your Spreadsheet.com Account

Connecting your Spreadsheet.com account with the Spreadsheet.com API requires an API Key. Learn more about generating and managing these keys in our article on API Keys.

Learn more about working with the Spreadsheet.com API at developer.spreadsheet.com