Post to a Webhook

Use webhook actions to post updates to servers or third-party applications when automations are triggered in your worksheets. offers many automation options to post to a webhook. Use a webhook automation to post updates to servers or third-party applications whenever something changes in your worksheets, like when new Form responses are submitted, when a task’s date arrives, on a daily basis, when new tasks are assigned to users, and more.

Webhook automations work in conjunction with the API. For technical documentation and information about working with webhooks and the Spreadsheet API, please visit the full webhooks API documentation.

Setting up a Webhook Automation

Webhook automations work with a variety of automation trigger types. You can begin with a pre-configured automation recipe from the Automation Recipes dialog, or create a new automation from scratch to call a webhook.

Looking for a refresher on creating new automations? Take a look back at our article on Creating an Automation, or read more about automation trigger types in our series of articles on Automations.

If you’re creating a new webhook automation from scratch, first configure your trigger in the Trigger block, and then select “Post to webhook” in the automation’s Action block.


Then, click “Webhook” and enter the URL of the server or application with which you are connecting your workbook.


The URL entered in the Action block must begin with https

Save your automation to activate it. When your automation is triggered, will automatically send information about the row in which it was triggered to the webhook URL entered in the Action block.

Learn more about working with this information in the full webhooks API documentation.